• Former Herrison Hospital
  • Former Herrison Hospital
  • Former Herrison Hospital

Former Herrison Hospital

The new village of Charlton Down sits within the grounds of the original Herrison Hospital.

The scheme was masterplanned to create a new community including new homes and the conversion of the existing historic buildings. The development also included employment facilities and social uses such as a village hall and cricket pavilion. The architectural quality of the retained buildings formed the basis for the design treatments of the new development.

The inherited landscape was dominated by mature trees and this became the principal generator of spaces, layout pattern and circulation routes. Character areas within the scheme were created through the adoption of differing building forms and density patterns, together with more specific solutions for areas with challenging topography at the western end of the new village.



Services Used

    Concept Design

    Detailed Design



    Technical Design

Key Features

  • 360 Houses
  • Village Hall & Cricket Pavilion

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