Thrive Segments: Natalie Johnson

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Natalie Johnson, our new Associate who has joined the Portishead team. Natalie brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise that we are confident will greatly contribute to the success and growth of our team. We look forward to working together to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Read on to find out more about Natalie.

I was drawn to the diverse talent and experience within the team. From respected design panel members, qualified architects that produce hand drawn works of art, to the supporting in-house technical and graphics teams. It is great to be part of an extensive team that work in collaboration to create innovative designs that contribute to shaping better places.

I started my career working in city regeneration and made my way into residential architecture, working in-house for various UK housing developers. It is here I developed an in-depth knowledge of both the commercial and technical constraints associated with mass residential development. I also found a passion for seeking improved design solutions that consider land viability. This saw me back at university later on in life to gain a masters degree in urban design. This strengthened my knowledge on place making strategies and fueled a passion for biophilic design.

A lottery win would most definitely see me travelling the world! A more sensible answer would be something still within the design industry. Ever since I could hold a pen as a child I would be drawing. Even playing hide & seek with siblings included floor plans created for the occasion! Possibly something related to Interior Architecture to utilise my initial professional design qualifications?

I love how supportive the Thrive team have been across all three of our regional offices on both a personal and professional level. There is a real emphasis on mental health awareness and a positive working environment. I particularly love that I can continue to grow my design skill set working alongside enthusiastic designers who share their knowledge and experience with passion.

I love the outdoors! Weekends are for long walks and the occasional hike with my bouncy Labrador. I naturally love city a break for exploring new and historical architecture. When I am not out exploring, you’ll find me on the hockey pitch trying to relive my youth when I actually played well!

Driven, sociable, Analytical.

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