Locking Parklands 124 Contemporary Homes

Locking Parklands – exciting project in north Somerset

As a key part of the wider Locking Parklands master plan, this exciting project in north Somerset delivers 124 new homes. This new development features a range of bespoke 3 storey townhouses and apartment blocks each with a strong identity.

The site

A large, well-established area of open parkland surrounds the Locking Parkland development. A consistent and distinct frontage with key focal buildings face the main streets whilst the development establishes its own internal character – ‘the heart’. The layout has a formal urban character that reflects the historic use of the site. Locking Parklands’ design features an irregular grid that certainly provides a legible and permeable street pattern. Most homes overlook the surrounding green areas and parklands as the development is centred around open space. As a result the design decision reinforces the inspiration taken from the surrounding areas.

The architecture

Vertical proportioned facades with larger vertically proportioned windows characterise the architecture of this development. These were carefully considered to create a distinct pattern for individual homes and across the development. Additionally, architectural features such as panels of brick detailing, canopies, projecting verges to gables, projecting bays and render surrounds provide a clear language that runs across the site. Resulting in not only consistency and identity but also the opportunity for variation and focal points. This development will be a new, sustainable community where people can live, work and subsequently relax. Locking Parklands is a contemporary scheme that will deliver attractive, energy-efficient homes in a beautiful open setting

The surrounding area

The site itself is located in the parish of Locking, near Weston-super-Mare, North East Somerset. However, just a few miles from Locking Parklands is Weston super Mare, one of Britain’s favourite holiday resorts. The area is keeping pace with modern demands thanks to generous regeneration funding. The close proximity of Locking Parklands will give the residents excellent access to the local amenities.

CGI Visuals – prepared by Thrive Architects on behalf of Curo

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