Marlborough Park Phases 3 and 4

Marlborough Park, Phases 3 & 4

Places for People are thrilled to introduce this new proposal that aims to enhance the community while preserving the unique essence of Marlborough Park. This online consultation allows you to view the proposals presented to the public on Wednesday, 10th January 2024.

This development seeks to create a harmonious blend of modern housing and green spaces. Places for People are committed to thoughtful planning that respects the area and meet the needs of current and future residents. This submission will be a Hybrid Planning Application with Phase 3 as a full application and Phase 4 as an Outline Application.

We invite you to participate actively, share your insights, concerns, and aspirations. Your voice matters greatly in this process of community building.

Marlborough Park, Swindon Public Consultation

Comments can be submitted by completing the form below and/or by email to

The closing date for comments is Friday, 26th January 2024.

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