A Week in the Life of a… Graphic Design Work Experience Student

Jade Norn, 17, joined Thrive Architects earlier in the year whilst completing a Level 2 Art and Design Course at Fareham College. Jade has come back to us for further experience, prior to starting her Level 3 Graphic Design course in the Autumn. Here is her story so far…

During my previous college course, Level 2 Art and Design, we were taught the basics of how to use Adobe Photoshop, however I could not fully understand how it worked and how to create layers and more complex tasks. After completing my work experience at Thrive Architects in Romsey for the first time, I came away understanding how to use Adobe Photoshop to a further extent and was also introduced to a new Adobe program that I had not heard of before, InDesign. I found this tool a lot more useful in creating documents and for portraying my work.

As I am starting my Level 3 Graphic Design course in the autumn, I wanted to further improve my skills on the computer and design. I have been able to explore more areas of Adobe InDesign and Photoshop during my current work experience, I’ve also been re-introduced to Adobe Illustrator, where I have learned to use the program more efficiently. The last time I remember using this program, I was in the middle of year 9 and we had to create a brochure for a company! The hardest program I’ve had to learn so far is Illustrator. I find this one the hardest to use as I have not used it a lot or to a good standard before. I attempted previously, but could not grasp the concept of that it was used for.

To expand my knowledge on Adobe InDesign, I created a document to explain what I have accomplished this week and to document what I have created. I even used InDesign to create what you are reading right now! I learned how to make margins and how lo lay it out properly, I also learned how to properly add layers and paragraph styles. I have created more sketches and designs in addition to colouring a bigger layout than last time. I was able to develop my skills on all the programs that I used. I was also able to test the new technique I had learned; Masking. Masking is creating a linked layer that hides the bit you colour over, hiding it from view but making sure you don’t lose the drawing underneath.

In my free time, I made a Work Experience logo. I made this as I wanted to expand and practice my photoshop skills, I also wanted to create something that was related to work experience. After creating the initial idea, I then added the orange colour so it corresponded with the Thrive Architects’ logo. When testing out the different shades of orange, I attempted to match the orange on the Thrive’s logo so that people may as¬sociate it with Thrive Architects.

My experience with using all the different programs to create a coloured version of a sketch layout has been great. I have learned how to use InDesign more efficiently, and developed my Photoshop and Illustrator skills.

I’ve enjoyed meeting the new people who have joined the graphics team and also seeing the original team from the last time I visited. The team as well is also very helpful when you’re confused or you need some help with something. Overall, the atmosphere in this graphics team is great, you feel included even though you are not working on a live project.

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